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Fortnite is one of the most popular games ever created but there are quite a few common misconceptions about it.
It's not always common to see a game be released and hold immense popularity with millions of players logging on every day over 4 years later. Fortnite surpassed all odds and reigned as one of the top video games being streamed and played after its release back in 2017.
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It has gained fans of all kinds over its years, and it continues to be an exciting, wild, goofy, and fun title for gamers to enjoy for free. Though the game is well known for being lighthearted and silly, it also gets a lot of hate and backlash for many reasons, from both prior players and people who have never played it before. There are 10 common misconceptions about the Battle Royale game that need to be cleared up.
Due to its bright colors, funky character skins, and youthful aspects to the game, Fortnite is typically classified as a game only for kids, but that isn't true. People of all ages and backgrounds play Fortnite! Though there is a huge demographic of people younger than 18 who play, that is true for many video games. Most of the big-name streamers of Fortnite are all adults, as well. It's a fun and colorful game that can be enjoyed whether you're 15 or 51.
The Battle Royale game makes big updates every "season," which occur about every 3-4 months. This keeps the game fresh and new, with new characters, play styles, weapons, maps, and storylines each and every season. It really spices things up and keeps things entertaining even after playing every day for months. Many long-term fans of the game have their favorite updates and continue to be excited for and surprised by every season's new update.
While some updates bring cool new characters and themes that a majority of the players love, others fall short in satisfaction. Some popular items and places on the maps have been removed with new updates, which left players upset or disappointed. This is normal for a game that changes multiple times a year, as not everyone will be fully satisfied with every new change.
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Those fans who throw fits and quit playing the game altogether based on a new update are valid, since not every update is going to please, but that is just a part of the ever-changing, free game. Some seasons are subjectively better than others, but the developers always learn from their growth and do what they can to satisfy players while still delivering new content.
There is no way that paying for skins and Battle Passes increases a player's odds of winning. Unlike other free-to-play games with mystery boxes, loot crates, etc., Fortnite only offers monetized skins, dances, and accessories for aesthetic purposes. A skin cannot improve a player's chances of winning. In fact, it could actually end up hindering a player's game, since a bright yellow banana costume would stand out more to opponent players than the free camo/army skins that come with the game.
There is a lot of criticism that the pro players in Fortnite will make the game nearly unplayable, since they wreak havoc and dominate every game. Fortnite does a great job at separating players by their level, sorting lower-level players with other low-level players, and keeping the pros paired with other pros. It's a great and effective way to make sure new players get a better chance to learn the game and improve their skills without dying immediately in each match.
This argument is made towards all video games in general. There are people who criticize video game streaming and Esports, claiming that they are boring and lame to watch.
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Streamers are fantastic at keeping viewers entertained with aspects such as comedy, skits, interactivity, personalization, and more! eSports are great for those who love to watch others master a game and show off how impressive their digital, competitive skills are.
Fortnite debuted back in summer 2017, making it 4 years old in summer 2021. While a large chunk of games lose popularity and simmer down in number of players right after the initial hype dies down, Fortnite has continued to reign as one of the top streamed games. Though the game has seen a small decreasing trend of players over many years, a typical day will still see between 6 to 12 million players online, and special event days have brought in over 15 million players at once! Now that is a lot of people.
Another argument that has been made against videos for years now is that they promote violence. While other popular games may feature more gore, war, and mature content, Fortnite is much tamer and family-friendly. Of course, there are guns and shooting involved in the game, but a lot of the weapons and items are very silly and unrealistic. This game doesn't boast murder and crime on the same wavelength as Grand Theft Auto or Call of Duty. It is pretty tame when it comes to animated violence.
A lot of people get into video games for the social aspect, flocking to games like Valorant and Among Us for the in-game social features and collaboration. Fortnite is just as social as many other online multiplayer games, to the point where it even allows online gaming without requiring a Playstation Plus pass or Xbox Live.
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Friends can join up in parties to chat live while they work together to get the Victory Royale. You can even create your own maps and make a match just for you and your team!
The concept of Battle Royale blew up back in the mid-10s, with many new games being based around the concept. Lots of already published games added in alternate game modes with Battle Royale formats soon after the huge success of PUBG and Fortnite. This type of game has continued to be popular even after so many years. The short-form matches with a social aspect and consistent updates make it fun and enjoyable, even to this day.
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