10 Century-Proven Magic Tricks Being Revealed


Good magic tricks fascinate us and no matter how many times we watch them; they keep us on the edge of our seats until the very end. The secret of any magic trick is thorough preparation, practice, and the art of making the audience see what you want it to see. We’ll explain some of the most well-known magic tricks so that you can simply recreate them and impress your friends and family with your magical powers.


A moving piece of cloth 1:13
Needle through the balloon 1:53
Cut and restore 2:34
Solving a mathematical problem with a piece of magic chalk 3:12
Pushing a coin through glass 4:09
Pulling scarf through neck 5:09
Surviving the cut 5:53
Knife throwing 6:30
Catching bullet with teeth 7:12
The disappearance of the Orient Express carriage 8:22

-The magician uses a colorful kerchief that hides a piece of thin wire in one of its selvages. One end of the wire is bent a bit and by pressing it the magician makes the wire rise.
-Thoroughly cover the needle in oil. Push the needle through the “strong” points at the top and at the neck of the balloon where the layer of latex is thicker.
-The point is that what the magician cuts is not actually the original rope, but a small piece of an identical rope that is folded in the same hand that holds the rope.
-One of the boards has a secret panel that fits right within the frame of the board and has a mathematical problem and the solution written on it. It is placed facedown within the frame so that the numbers cannot be seen.
-The magician uses 2 identical steel coins for this trick. One of the coins is placed on the glass while the other one stays hidden in the magician’s palm.
-You need to create 2 loose loops and pull one through the other. This knot deceives the spectator and creates the illusion of a tightly tied scarf around your neck.
-The knife used for this trick has a sliding blade with a semicircular notch in it. When the notch surrounds the arm, it creates the effect of the blade being pulled right through the muscles.
-The magician never throws the knives, but only aims at a target and then hides the knives in a secret pocket. Another assistant hides behind the target and holds a special device that shoots the knives from the back of the target.
-The rifle used for this trick is not real. The shooting effect is just recreated with the help of a special mechanism hidden inside the gun. The magnet attracts the bullet and the magician hides it until the end of the trick when the bullet appears right between his teeth.
-There is a special rigid frame-like construction built around the carriage repeating its outlines. After the carriage is covered with the cloth, it is pulled away and the cloth rests around the frame. When the spectators see how the carriage is lifted, what they actually see is the frame covered with the cloth.

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