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This set of blood-chilling riddles will pump you full of adrenaline! 😵 Are you brave enough to solve these puzzles right on time? A bunch of crime and logic riddles will boost your critical thinking skills and wake up your brain. You’re welcome to share your thoughts on these puzzle games in the comments below:

00:14 – A cool detective riddle that will boost your logic and increase your math skills! Can you crack the code and find the real killer?
02:14 – Sadly, but sometimes our closest people turn out to be our worst enemies and the truth comes out when it’s too late. It’s your first case and you have to reveal the truth and prove that the husband is guilty. So, it’s a big chance for you to prove yourself, don’t fail! A riddle with an answer for professionals!
03:44 – A tricky crime riddle for those who have a cold mind! Try not to break your head and give the right answer before you run out of time!
05:04 – Did she kill her husband or it was just an accident? Test your logic and attentiveness to the details with this cool crime riddle!
06:39 – Listen carefully to each word and try to crack this riddle. Best riddle on crime that will test your ability to pay attention to details and process information well! This cool brain teaser with an answer will either blow your mind or boost your brain!
08:40 – A shocking test that will make you reflect upon who you really are and what you can do in an emergency situation. I believe you will be really surprised to know the result (of course if you were honest), though it can confuse you as well. So, you have to make the hardest choice ever: decide if you should sacrifice a person to save several people, or let them die and keep your hands clean (yes, someone will die anyway). Don’t rush, the choice is really hard and you may need time to think over. What would you choose?
10:05 – Hey, Detective, here is a hard case for professionals like you only. Can you find out why this man was arrested and if he’s guilty indeed? You will have to rack your brain hard this time, but at least we’ll be able to connect the dots. A tricky crime riddle with answer for brilliant minds!
11:34 – A blood-freezing riddle that only cold minds can solve correctly! Let’s see if you can give the right answer before you run out of time!
12:44 – This heart-breaking story with a riddle can be solved only by those whose emotional intelligence levels are high enough to feel empathy. It’s not only logic you should rely on; emotion is an important part of what we call being smart. And of course imagination! it can help us think outside the box and find effective and unpredictable solutions! A tricky riddle with answer to train your imagination!
13:49 – Here you face the hard moral choice you’ll need to make! I’ll say no more, and you try to sum up all the pros and cons by yourself and find the answer to this difficult puzzle. This short philosophical riddle has the answer, so if you can’t make your choice, just wait for the solution to be revealed!

TELL me IN THE COMMENTS what kind of riddles you like most of all!

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