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The small selection of titles that truly fight for your attention.
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When surfing the fighting category on Roblox, players will see there are only about 15 to 20 games shown and the quality of them surely isn’t the greatest. Aside from what the platform tells you, there is a solid group of titles that come packaged with thorough gameplay and modes. Instead of drudging through something painfully terrible, here is our list of ten fighting titles that are definitely worth looking into.
Boxing League is one of the rare fighting games on the platform that isn’t based around superheroes or anime. For those looking for something fresh, this game is an open-world RPG boxing experience that allows you to level up and earn new moves depending on your success. The fighting animations aren’t the greatest, but its originality earns itself a spot on the list.
The title says it all here; Jailbreak is a role-playing fighting game pitting lobbies of cops and inmates against each other. As jailbreaks ensue, both teams will need to fight each other to progress in leveling and unlock new tools to tame the breakout.
Although it is more of an adventure game, Murder Mystery 2 wouldn’t be as exciting without its combat. Armed with the Among Us survival formula, a team of citizens will need to discover who the perpetrator is before they are done for. Luckily, one player will be assigned to cop duties and will need to fight the alleged murderer in a dramatic blade match to the death.
Grand Piece is an RPG with detailed towns and seas to explore while players hunt down mysterious fruits. Once found, avatars can acquire new magical powers and go up against other players. However, if one searches long enough, they may run into a legendary boss bound to drop rewards if defeated.
King Legacy is one of few games that put together characters from both popular anime and superhero movies. In this fighting title, players will build a character all their own and then collect powers from these familiar faces to take on others online. Although it’s quite simplistic, King Legacy also bears several quests for you and your friends to journey on.
Super Hero Tycoon unites characters inspired by those from the Marvel and DC Universe to promote some intense battling. To defend from attackers, players can earn currency and gather parts to build their own bases. The challenge here lies in having to continuously work on your massive blockade while enemies attempt to break in and attack you.
Previously named Shinobi Life, Shindo Life has been one of Roblox’s most popular games for years, gaining well over one billion visits since its arrival. The RPG drops you into its world as a ninja to venture into various villages and slowly amass a collection of powers. Additionally, Shindo Life holds plenty of multiplayer modes, such as one-on-one battling and Team Deathmatch.
With over 1.2 billion visits, Anime Fighting Simulator is an easy place to find lobbies to take on others online for hours on end. Although your avatar will start with almost nothing but their fists, missions and shopkeepers will quickly aid you in acquiring powers and secret abilities. Compared to the rest of the list, the game’s world is truly gigantic and offers dozens of islands to roam around and train on.
Mad City earns its name by providing an enjoyable cross between Jailbreak and Anime Fighting Simulator. In the game, superheroes and policemen will traverse the sizable map hunting down criminals who’ve begun to obtain their own magical abilities. After you’ve chosen your side, the game will offer plenty of objectives to complete with potential rewards being in the form of powers, vehicles, and cosmetics.
At the time of writing, Blox Fruits is currently holding over 80,000 active players and you should certainly join them. The game revolves around having to be either a seaman or pirate in this sea-based RPG, as fighting the opposing side will be the main objective. Along the way, you can parade the open waters in ships and collect fruits to arm your side with all sorts of damaging spellings

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