10 Best Riddles That’ll Challenge Your Logic To Its Limit 🤓

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Challenge your logic to its limit with a set of 10 best riddles! Tricky brain teasers and quizzes can boost your logical skills and intelligence very well. A number of studies have shown that solving riddles is one of the most effective and fast ways to increase your brain power. If you feel bored or exhausted, try these fun riddles to wake up your brain:

00:14 – A difficult crime riddle for advanced solvers only. 9 out of 10 people fail to crack it, so do your very best to save face🕵 Will you solve this level PRO riddle on time?
01:38 – A mind-blowing riddle showing the dark side of Santa😎 Will you crack his trick and ruin his malicious plans? Here is a challenge for PRO only!
03:25 – That’s sad if we can’t trust even the closest people. But that’s no excuse for giving up, is it? You just need to clear everything up and take a firm decision on how to go on. This is what our cheated on man decided to do! So, are you smart enough to guess this riddle and find out what brilliant idea he came up with?😉
04:54 – Hey, my technical-minded friends, who is gonna help me with this super-hard riddle? You have a chance to prove you can stand alongside the most brilliant minds of our time (yeah, you will be like Mr. Musk or Mr.Zuckerberg😉). Share your ideas about this tricky math and logic riddle in the comments!
06:13 – A classic crime riddle to improve your IQ level and boost your detective skills! It’s a dark and thrilling story, so focus your mind and try to not get scared. Will you be a match for this riddle?
07:37 – This is a mysterious story that will make you face the hardest choice ever! What would you advise Mia to do? I think all the options are equally horrible, but if I still have to choose, I would rather choose the 2nd one. What about you? Tell me in the comments!
08:47 – What would you do if you were her? Would you call the police? Would you even realize that something is obviously wrong? This easy riddle will test your ability to THINK logically 🙂
09:49 – How would you get the nut? At first sight, it looks like there is no solution to this tricky puzzle, but when the right answer will be revealed, you will see that it’s pretty simple! Sometimes you just have to look at things from a different angle 😉
10:57 – Listen to what the suspects are saying and catch that traitor before it’s too late! You don’t need much information actually from the suspects, just one tiny detail will lead you to crack this logic puzzle!
12:32 – A visual puzzle to test your attentiveness and logic! Who’s a double agent? Can you find him before you run out of time?

TELL me IN THE COMMENTS what kind of brain games is your favorite!

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