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Epic is one step down on the rarity ladder from Legendary, but these skins are still some of the best with loads of unique designs and style options.
Fortnite organizes its vast list of character skins by rarity. Although one step down the ladder from Legendary, the Epic skins do not lack any creative design value. They all are unique and offer diverse flair, fitting in any possible category a player could want. In fact, they are nothing less but “epic.”
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These Epic skins are really not that far off from the best Legendary ones, and only cost players 1,500 V-Bucks. So many of them still offer various style options, amazing, matching back blings and pickaxes, and more. Whether players are looking for a humorous banana costume or a mystical witch, they are all available as Epic skins.
One of the scariest Fortnite enemies players had to face in-game, the Cube Assassin, later became an Epic skin included in the Fortnite Crew package in Season 8 of Chapter 2.
The Cube Assassin is a very different character skin than the usual designs players see. She is hooded, with certain purple cube crystals poking out from different parts of her body, including completely covering her face. Her outfit also has etchings of purple glowing glyphs, which players might remember seeing on the Cube. She can be bought in the full Glyph Aura set with the Assassin’s Mark weapon skin, the reactive Cubist back bling, and Cube Edge pickaxe.
Peely is one of the silliest character skins that perhaps fueled most of the Fortnite memes fans love. He was part of the Battle Pass in Season 8 of Chapter 2, but he has had multiple different style options.
This adorable and humorous skin has become a staple character in the Fortnite universe, and players can see so many different style options for him popping up in Battle Passes and the shop, from Agent Peely, Peely Bone, all the way to beach styled Unpeely. He also came with several special emotes—the classic, ‘Nana Nana,’ the Peely Bone, and the ‘Xylo Bone’ emote. Peely is not only a silly skin for Players to troll to victory with, but he is reactive. His bright yellow color slowly ripens as the match goes on.
Minty Bomber is another great example of an original skin that has evolved over the many seasons to a completely new style but with the same beloved aspects. Minty Bomber still has the flying llama outfit, matching backpack, and llama pickaxe that fans love, but now with some new minty colors schemes.
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Like the Dark Bomber, this skin has darker design features, charcoal-colored skin, and green glowing eyes. It was added as part of the Minty Legends set, including minty versions of Oro and Aura, at the end of Chapter 2. Although Minty Bomber comes with her usual accessories, they also are customized with fresh new colors.
Although a new version of Sparkle Specialist, Sparkle Supreme, was released, the original design remains a fan favorite. The simple skin had the perfect flair with her pop of bright blue lipstick and hairstreak, disco-esque apparel, and star tattoos, making her special in the early Battle Pass.
Sparkle Specialist was included early in Fortnite in Chapter 1, Season 2 Battle Pass, and part of a Fortnite Fever set later in the shop. The Fortnite Fever Set also included two other battle-ready, Disco-dressed characters, Funk Ops and Disco Diva. Sparkle Specialist didn’t come with any extra accessories at the time. However, when the new version arrived, it offered loads of accessories to match either skin. Although it had the potential to bring a better version of the nostalgic character fans loved, Sparkle Supreme just ultimately wasn’t the same.
Unlike Sparkle Supreme, Fortnite offered fans a better version of the original street artist, Teknique, with the Tilted Teknique skin. Tilted Teknique gave fans a better fashion sense and design in general, but it also gave them more style options for the skin.
Tilted Teknique arrived in the Battle Pass at the end of Chapter 1, and players were also given different styles for her, such as the Streetstyle, Wildstyle, and the homage to the original design, Hoodie Style. This allowed players to have different colors for the outfits and look more like the original with the forward cap and hoodie. Players could also collect the matching paint roller pickaxe and Spray Sail glider to complete the punk artist look.
Skye was one of the first skins at the start of Chapter 2 that offered a completely different animation style and body type. It was a refreshing change for players tired of seeing the same model and frame used for previous looks. She looked younger, more anime-like, with big eyes and adorable cartoonish accessories.
Skye almost seemed to be a crossover from Legend of Zelda because of her similarities with Link. Fans speculated this theory because her sword looked a lot like Link’s, and her Adventure Backpack back bling also displays a shield and an amulet. Players also thought she could be inspired by Fin from Adventure Time. Even her glider Ollie looks like a creature from one of these worlds. She undoubtedly is a fan favorite because of these similarities. She was part of the Battle Pass in Chapter 2 with alternative color styles, but there is no telling if she will make a return to the shop.
Isabelle is a magical skin released to the shop in early 2021 as part of the Oakwitch Academy set. Isabelle is a character skin with alternating styles, one school outfit that seems to be inspired by the robes from Harry Potter, and then a more superhero style that makes her look like one of the best DC character skins.
Isabelle is a great design in either style, differing in red or green colors by completing the quests included. She comes with the Book of Spells back bling and Astrolomaster’s Staff pickaxe. More alternative designs for her skin also appeared in the Item Shop, such as the Christmas version Blizzabelle and the more dark style, Grisabelle. A version was also given out as a gift to players for the 2021 Winterfest, one of the best events in Fortnite.
Hemlock, an entirely different Witch skin in Fortnite, is one of the coolest and perhaps scariest Epic skins players can buy in the shop. Her fairytale Witch appearance even seems a little homage to the classic green witch from The Wizard of Oz.
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Hemlock is very detailed skin that comes with the Bag of Shadows back bling and a character emote called Witchcraft. This emote allows players to shift their appearance to the alternating beast-like style in-game. Hemlock is also part of the Arcane Arts set that includes many more great Wizard and Witch-like characters who also have multiple style options. The set also includes the glider Magic Wings, which look like celestial wings made from magic.
Jules is another character skin that came into the game around the same time as Skye and was included in that same Battle Pass. She shares with Skye the new design for body type and facial features. She is also one of the only character skins that display more than one or two tattoos.
Jules was part of the Battle Pass at the beginning of Chapter 2, and players could also unlock different style options for her, the Shadow skin and the reactive Welder skins that actually animate in-game when players look down the sight of their weapon. Players also collected her Ohm glider and Wrenchers pickaxe in that Battle Pass. Since then, players can also find her Intrepid Engines set available for purchase in the Item Shop and another Scrapknight Jules style.
Derby Dynamo is another unique character skin that seems to be inspired by a competitor in the sport Roller Derby. She was available in the Item Shop early on during Chapter 2 and could be purchased in a bundle for a small fee of $4.99.
Derby Dynamo is one of the skins that could only be purchased with real money instead of V-bucks but proves to be worth the small cost. Players get three alternating styles in her bundle that must be unlocked by completing the given quests. It also comes with the Quad Roller back bling that changes to match the selected outfit style and a character emote called Freewheelin’ that is an original dance in which the character rolls around on her skates.
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