10 Awesome DIY Soap Ideas & Bath Crafts

5 minute crafts

Splish splash, time for a bath! Get excited for bath time with 12 DIY Soap Crafts that are as fun to make as they are to use. In today’s video, we’ll teach you how to make a variety of colorful, fragrant soap and bath crafts. These DIY projects make amazing gifts and the kids will love using them too!

Encourage the kids to wash their hands! For our first soap craft, we will show you how to recycle plastic Easter eggs and use them in the soap making process! Use the egg as a mold to make awesome DIY Eggs filled with toys, colorful Rainbow Eggs, and Dinosaur Eggs.

Now it’s time to get fizzy! Next up, we have a variety of homemade bath bombs that are perfect for an at home spa day. Our Donut Bath Bombs and Essential Oil Infused Bath Bombs are super luxurious and make bath time more fun. Not only do they make great gifts, but are easy to make and less expensive than buying them in store.

The fun doesn’t stop here! Soap comes in all shapes and sizes, so to keep the party going, we will show you how to make soap that looks like Donuts, Popsicles, Gummy Bears, Gingerbread Men, and Rubber Ducks. These are so unique and creative and will look great displayed in the bathroom.

To wrap things up, we have even more homemade soap crafts and bath ideas ranging from Soap Twists to Bath Dough and Cubes!

See the below timestamps to jump to a specific craft!

0:04 – DIY Soap Toy Eggs
1:07 – Donut Bath Bombs
3:31 – Rainbow Soap Bath Bombs
5:15 – Soap Twists
6:43 – Gummy Bear Soap
7:30 – Rubber Duck Soap
8:20 – Bath Dough
9:12 – Soap Cubes
10:07 – Colored Bath Bombs
11:11 – Gingerbread Soap
12:20 – Popsicle Soap
13:02 – Dinosaur Egg Soap

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