10 Animated Movies That COPIED Disney


10 Cartoons who copied popular Disney movies.
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Walt Disney Animation Studios bought out the super talented Pixar Animation Studios back in 2006. Together, these animation tycoons have been taking over Hollywood one Oscar-nominated feature film at a time. The films that Disney creates are well thought out and entertaining. They tell meaningful stories that can be enjoyed by adults and children alike. But what happens when other companies decide to copy Disney’s wonderful stories? Doesn’t “Frozen Land” sound a bit too much like “Frozen?” What about “What’s Up,” versus Disney’s version “Up?” Even DreamWorks has been accused of pushing their employees to finish “Antz” before “A Bug’s Life” was released. The multiple controversies in the happy-go-lucky animation world run deep.

Watch 10 Animated Movies That Copied Disney to find out all about the crazy rip-offs that Disney has had to deal with. They’ve even had to file lawsuits in some cases. Films like “Tangled,” “Brave,” “Finding Nemo,” and “The Lion King” have all had their fair share of copycats.

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