?Brain Games That’ll Puzzle Your Brain To The MAX?

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Puzzle your brain to the max with a set of tricky brain games! Test your intelligence and increase your ability to think outside the box with these fun teasers. These tricky puzzles and brain games are perfect for improving your logical skills and ability to do tasks faster. If you struggle with most of these riddles, you should try to add more brain exercises (like reading or solving riddles) into your daily life.

01:06 – Talk to the suspects and solve this tricky case before the time is up: A spy appeared at a university. He wasn’t a real teacher at all. He used to pass valuable information to other universities. The university hired a private detective to catch this sneaky spy. The detective questioned three teachers who were under suspicion. First teacher: “I’ve been teaching here for 10 years. The students have known me for a long, long time.” Second teacher: “I teach horticulture. I heard all the students speak very highly of me.” Third teacher: “I’m new to the university, but it already feels like home. I love it here!” Who is the spy?
02:43 – This logic riddle will test your IQ and improve your analytical thinking: One day, John was waiting in the subway. His train was late, as usual! He was eating an apple, as he always did for breakfast. Suddenly he noticed a homeless man nearby. Different people passed by and John could hear everything the homeless man was saying. The homeless man: a pig. The homeless man: a man. The homeless man: a chicken. John thought it was pretty rude. When he got on the train, he heard the homeless man again. The homeless man: an apple. John stopped dead. He was horrified by what he had heard. What surprised John?
03:56 – Another brainy puzzle that will test your logic and boost your brain: A chess club was hosting a world chess tournament. The tournament began…but none of the chess players started playing. The club president made one call and they began to play. Why couldn’t they start without making a call? Use your logic skills to solve this riddle! You have 12 seconds.
04:50 – Boost your brain and increase your detective skills with this crime riddle: A woodsman’s house was robbed in winter. Three suspects were questioned. A man with a bicycle: “I wasn’t in the woods that day. My bicycle can’t handle the terrain.” A man with a bike: “I was there, but I couldn’t use my bike, so I walked.” A man with a scooter: “My scooter was working ok, so I rode it into the forest.” The police immediately realized who was lying. Who?
05:51 – Another brainy riddle that will make you do some hard thinking and boost your logical skills: During lunchtime, the answer key to a final exam was stolen. The principal summoned the most notorious school pranksters. He asked them what they were doing during the theft. Stan — “I was walking with my girlfriend in the park, she can confirm it.” Jack — “I was in history class.” Steve — “I was preparing for the test, I mean really studying hard, for the first time ever! I definitely didn’t steal anything.” The principal immediately realized who stole the questions. Who is the liar?
07:00 – Increase your detective skills with this tricky brain teaser: A policeman was patrolling the street. Suddenly, right in front of his eyes, a criminal in a black jacket stole a wallet from a passerby and disappeared. The policeman chased him to a library, where he ran in. When the policeman entered, he didn’t see anyone in a black jacket. Still, this was one smart cop. He examined everyone, and immediately realized which of them was the thief. Who’s the thief?
07:57 – Speed up your brain to the max and try to solve this puzzle before you run out of time!: There was a strong storm in the small town of Salts. Brothers Rob, John, Pete stayed at home for the day. They lounged around all day until their father called them. He was very angry, because someone smashed their TV with a ball.
He wanted to find out who did it, so he questioned each of them…
09:34 – The policeman was sure that it was this man who had driven into that poor woman. How did he know? The last crime riddle to boost your detective skills!

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