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Here is a huge portion of different riddles to increase your logical skills and boost your IQ! These text riddles, logic puzzles, pranks, and magic tricks will be a perfect brain workout for kids and adults! If you want to know how to increase your IQ score and how to train your brain, start solving riddles on a daily basis! It’s the best way to keep your brain fit and young.

00:14 – A set of short text riddles to increase your IQ and boost your logic. Try to give as many correct answers as possible! That’s what I call a fun way to train your brain 🙂
01:33 – What’s the secret behind this? Check these fun tricks out and try to repeat them yourself 😉
03:04 – Check these visual puzzles out and try to find who is poor before you run out of time!
04:34 – This set of amazing tricks will make you believe in magic and teach you how to make it by yourself. Watch carefully to get the secret and try them at a party to make your friends rack their brains!
07:30 – Can you say who is poor? Test your logical thinking and attentiveness with these brain teasers!
08:30 – Here is a portion of tricky text riddles to boost your logical thinking! How many of these can you guess right?
09:49 – What’s the secret behind these? Check out these fun tricks you can do on your own! Surprise your friends and family by doing these cool pranks 🙂
12:28 – Which bride is poor? Test your analytical skills and logical thinking with this tricky brain teaser!

TELL me IN THE COMMENTS which riddle was the hardest for you to solve!

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