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Here is a cool set of 11 crime riddles that are super easy for car experts! Turn on your brain and logical skills and get ready to stretch your brain 🙂 With these crime riddles and fun brain games, you will improve your analytical skills and attentiveness. Try to crack all of these teasers and share your answers in the comments below:

00:14 – A difficult crime riddle that will make your blood run cold in your veins. Exercise your brain and improve your IQ level to get a gold a detective shield!
01:42 – Test your intelligence with this fun picture puzzle on attentiveness and logic! Can you identify the owners of these cars? Only a person with IQ 130+ can do it, so don’t get upset if you fail.
03:14 – A thrilling riddle on logic that will help you understand if you can become a special agent or at least an insurance agent🤓 Can you tell me in the comments why this accident looks way too much suspicious?
04:21 – A cool logo quiz on car brands for the smartest solvers! This short test will challenge your memory and general knowledge as well as your logical thinking. If you have forgotten the origin of a brand, use your logic to make your guess!
06:27 – Never ever try to play a trick on your wife!☝️ This won’t be good at all. Anyway, challenge your brain with this trickiest puzzle ever, and who knows maybe you will get your sport convertible too😉
08:09 – Sometimes we see something important just in the corner of the eye and it’s kept in our subconscious. If we’re able to remember about it at the right moment, it can save our lives. Let’s test how attentive you are with this short riddle with answers. Even if attentiveness is not your strong suit, you can test your instincts and try to identify the safe car. Which one would you get in?
09:12 – Here is a new case about a stolen car that you are to solve! Don’t waste your time and get right into the details of this case. Don’t forget that you can always pause the video if you need to think more.
11:08 – A tricky crime riddle we can’t solve without an experienced Detective! Would you help us this time? Your brilliant logic and great analytical skills will let you solve this case for sure! If you need some more time to find the answer, just pause the video and take your time😜
12:17 – Who stole a car? Choose your answer fast, don’t think for too long! It’s a visual personality quiz that will reveal your real character 😉

TELL me IN THE COMMENTS how many of these riddles’ answers did you get right?

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