😵 Do NOT Solve These 13 Scary Riddles If Your Heart Is Too Weak 😨

7-Second Riddles

Don’t try to solve these 13 scary riddles if your heart is too weak! Prepare yourself to face mind-blowing and blood-freezing puzzles! They will wake up your brain and make you think hard! Can you solve them without any mistakes? Share your results in the comments 😉

00:14 – A mind-blowing puzzle that will rack your brain and make you think hard! Which tank should he choose?
01:33 – Do you want to increase your intelligence and test your detective skills? This crime riddle is right for you! Can you solve it and find the killer?
02:47 – Who is a maniac? A set of visual puzzles to check your logic and increase your attention!
04:12 – Stan worked as a builder. One day his body found on the construction site. Who killed him?
05:31 – A difficult riddle on crime that will test your intelligence and detective skills! Who is the killer?
07:07 – Are you a villain or a hero? A fun personality quiz to reveal your character! Share your result in the comments!
10:01 – Who killed Sid? A blood-freezing criminal case that will test your detective skills and increase your logic!
11:12 – This logic riddle is so simple that people always overthink it when the solution is obvious. Remember that being a genius means seeing the simplest solution among all possible ones. Can you find it?
12:12 – Who is a serial killer? Try to solve this short crime puzzle before the time is up!

TELL me IN THE COMMENTS which riddle was the hardest for you to solve!

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