😯 Logic Puzzles That WILL Make Your Brain Sweat 😓

7-Second Riddles

These logic puzzles with make your brain sweat! Are you brave enough to face and solve them? To solve them easily you must be very attentive and have a cold mind! You’re welcome to share your thoughts on these tricky puzzles 🙂 Write in the comments how many of answers you got right 😉

00:14 – Sam woke up in a room with 3 doors. He looked behind each of them and saw that all the ways were unsafe. Which door should he choose?
01:38 – How did Gail survive? It’s a really tricky riddle that will test your logical thinking!
02:43 – Hey, adventurer, you’re in for it this time! It seems no one can help you now, the only slight chance you will get out of here is choosing the right door. But this is a tricky task; if you fail, you will be killed anyway. So think carefully before you open the door! A hard survival riddle with answers for the most experienced adventurers😉
04:08 – Hey, it seems you’re the only one who can referee this road accident dispute! Your perfect analytical mind and logic will help you unravel this riddle and find who the real culprit of this tricky case is. But if you have any doubts about this, just wait for the answer to be revealed (well, that’s why I don’t drive or ride at all!)
05:23 – Sometimes one simple question may save your life, especially when you’re in the forest alone with a suspicious stranger. You have to be a real quick-thinker and smart enough to come up with this only possible question in a short time (then you might probably be eaten). So, go pull yourself together and turn your brain full power on, your time is starting now! A hard riddle with answer to boost your brain and logic skills!
07:13 – It’s time for a little magic right now!🧚🧞 Before I tell you how to save your favorite stuff you ruined by accident, first YOU tell me what you would do (share your ideas in the comments and we will gather a pool of cool hacks for all occasions😜). Anyway, even if you’re a cleaning guru, I believe this cool essential trivia will surprise you a lot!
09:09 – This is a tricky riddle with answer not only for drivers but for each person who wants to check their brain power! How would you get away with this difficult situation? If you can come up with a solution before your time is over then you’re a true genius!
10:21 – These survival tips and short riddles with answers will show if you’re ready to come across a situation and get out alive! You have two options, which one would you choose? To crack this puzzle, just turn on your brain and use your logic, but don’t forget about your survival instincts!
11:54 – This general knowledge quiz will make you forget everything you know about transport! I really believed the plane is the most dangerous one (so did all my friends)😩 All you need is a bit of logical thinking and some statistical data. So, what is your favorite transport now?
12:49 – Warm up your brain with a short and tricky puzzle! Who will get out safely?

TELL me IN THE COMMENTS which of these tricky puzzles blew your mind!

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