7-Second Riddles

I challenge Azzyland to solve these hard riddles! You guys should try them out too 😉 Most of them are really tricky, but you can easily solve them if you think outside the box! Solving difficult brain games helps improve your logical skills and boosts your brain activity! Spend some time working out your brain, and you’ll be impressed by the results!

00:14 – Which world should he go into? A mind-blowing mystery quiz to boost your critical thinking!
02:01 – Who is the vampire? Check this portion of visual puzzles to increase your attentiveness to the details. Leave your answer to the last one in the comments!
03:24 – These cool brain teasers will test your general knowledge and ability to think and act fast in a dangerous situation. Before I reveal the answers, try to imagine yourself in that situation and what would you act? If you have a bit more knowledge, don’t hesitate to share with all of us in the comments, we’ll appreciate! These self-defense tricks are useful to keep up your sleeve and pull them out when there is a need. You never know, but maybe one day thanks to these brain teasers you will be able to help somebody in need.
05:05 – This tricky short riddle will blow your mind away and make you sweat hard. Just one chance which the life of a person depends on. What should he say to save his life? Only a genius will crack this hard riddle with answer!
06:10 – A portion of visual puzzles to improve your attentiveness and vision! Can you find a zombie here?
08:12 – They say a wise person can obviously outsmart a stubborn tyrant who doesn’t appreciate true wisdom! Would you challenge yourself and try to guess how the wise man saved his life? Only the smartest person ever can give the same answer, and if you did, then you can consider yourself a genius!
08:55 – Where is the werecat? Test your attentiveness to the smallest details with these visual brain games 😉
10:36 – Now we will see how often you watched Dracula, Van Helsing and Twilight😈 If you did it often, you will easily find the way out of this situation, if not…well, you still have your luck. Choose one of three doors to know if you’re going to survive today. It’s your turn now🧛‍♂️ A thrilling mystery riddle with answers to check how fast is your brain!
11:40 – A classical riddle which is always used to illustrate the way we should treat life’s challenges. It’s about being on the bright side even if a situation seems to be hopeless and keeping on struggling. So, focus on the positive things and turn on your logic😉 I’m sure you will crack this fun riddle with an answer on time!
12:30 – Who is an alien? A set of alien puzzles to test your logic and increase your IQ! Leave your answer to the last puzzle in the comments!
13:26 – A tricky mystery quiz to test your logic! Who will die: zombie, vampire, or werewolf?

TELL me IN THE COMMENTS what kind of riddles do you like most of all!

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