7-Second Riddles

Give your brain a spicy workout with these 19 spicy riddles! They will blow your mind and make you think really hard 😉 If you can solve at least 10 out of 19, your IQ is above average! So it’s a great chance to test your logical skills! Check these brain teasers out and share in the comments how many puzzles you solved!

00:14 – A tricky riddle to test your critical thinking and survival skills! Which door is safe?
01:47 – This hard crime riddle will challenge all your detective skills and make you strain your eyes! Carefully examine the suitcases to find the deadly substance before it blows the plane up. Are you smart enough for such kind of task?
03:55 – Amazing and fun riddle on escape! The answer will make you laugh and say “Yup, he just nailed it!”. What would you say if you were him? Would you find your way out of the trap? This easy riddle will let you know if you can think outside the box!
05:16 – Who’s the terrorist? Look at these people and try to find the terrorists! Be attentive to the details and don’t forget to turn on your brain 😉
07:40 – Hey, friend, here is a set of funny text riddles with answers to trick your mind! If you’re a quick-thinker and use 100% of your logic, you’ll crack all of them before time’s up! If not, you are likely to overthink the questions. Relax your mind and try again!
09:12 – A mysterious case of suicide that isn’t so simple as it can seem at first glance. Only an experienced detective with a cold logical mind can figure out what’s wrong with this case, so concentrate and watch carefully!
10:22 – Could you ensure national security? If you’re still not sure, here is a challenge for you! Try this cool picture puzzle that will teach you to think like a special agent!
11:38 – Test your logic and survival instincts! Who is more dangerous and why? Share your answer to the last quiz question!

TELL me IN THE COMMENTS which riddle completely blew your mind!

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