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Here is a huge set of detective riddles that will help you improve your logic! If you want to crack riddles easily you need to increase your logical skills. The best tip to for sharpening your logical thinking is to solve tricky riddles and brain games every day. After a couple of weeks of daily brain exercises, you’ll start solving puzzles faster!

00:14 – A film crew came to a desert island to make a movie. One day the leading actress was killed! Who did it? Try to solve this difficult crime riddle before the time is up!
01:55 – A small set of brainy puzzles to boost your thinking! Who is richer?
03:35 – This difficult brain teaser will boost your thinking and test your intelligence! Can you solve it before the time is up?
04:56 – Here is a set of tricky questions that you are to answer before the time is up! Get ready to boost your logic and increase your IQ to a new level 😉
06:03 – Here is another portion of the best comments from #RiddleSolvers! Maybe, you will see your comment here too 😉
07:35 – A portion of tricky puzzles to find the most attentive #RiddleSolver! Who is a fake musician?
08:32 – Why did the police arrest her? A logic riddle to increase your logic and improve your detective skills!
09:37 – Which doctor is a maniac? These tricky quiz questions will blow your mind and boost your attention! Write your answer to the last puzzle in the comments!
10:58 – A short tricky puzzle to boost your brain! Who is his bride? A or B? What do you guys think? Write your answers in the comments!

TELL me IN THE COMMENTS your answers to the last teaser!

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