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Here is a set of 15 detective riddles for thief experts out there! Try to solve these logic riddles that will help you improve your analytical skills! If you want to wake up your inner detective, keep watching this video 😉 And don’t forget to share your answers to the trickiest puzzles!

00:14 – Who robbed the apartment? Let’s see if you have a well-trained brain and can solve this crime riddle before you run out of time!
01:38 – If you want to test your attentiveness and vision then this visual puzzle is right for you! Can you find the thief? Try to do it before the time is up!
03:04 – Who lies? Check out this tricky riddle that will boost your IQ and test your logic. Be careful about the details and you’ll easily find the answer!
04:14 – A fun logic riddle that will test how fast your brain is! It’s a cool warming-up for your brain and eyes in the morning, so grab your coffee and snacks and get ready to train!
05:34 – A tricky crime riddle that will amaze your brain and make you kept a close watch on your colleagues🧐 Challenge your mind and try to guess who broke into Anna’s house (and stole her lunch) in just a few seconds!
07:24 – A tricky detective riddle that will challenge your skills and test your attentiveness. Can you see what doesn’t add up here just within a few seconds?
09:16 – A short logic riddle that will trick the brains of the most experienced solvers! It’s hard to believe, but kids can crack this one in just a few seconds while adults rack their brains hard and can’t figure it out. A hint: look closely and analyze even the smallest details!
10:34 – This brain teaser will boost your logical thinking and test your attentiveness to the smallest details! Can you solve this tricky puzzle before the time is up?
12:16 – This is a touching story with a riddle about the right choice, but can there even be the only one right choice? It’s a chance for you to make your own one and decide what’s really matters. What will be your choice? A riddle which you have to find your own answer to!

TELL me IN THE COMMENTS which riddle completely blew your mind!

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