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Hi. My name’s Ann. I just moved in with my grandparents because… well…my parents hate me… Oh, and I betrayed my best friend. And now… I just don’t know what to do! Well, let me tell you my story…maybe you can help me decide.

Last spring break my parents were crazy busy with work. We ended up staying in the city instead of flying out to visit my grandparents. Then the best thing happened. My bff’s parents were called away for some urgent family business. They left my best friend Elle and Bobby, her younger brother with their oldest sister, Michelle. Michelle, was in her mid twenties…she pretty much let Elle and me do whatever we wanted in the house! And that was a blast! Kind of a surprise, but we were actually enjoying this kind of spring break: making Tik Tok videos, sneaking into Michelle’s room and trying on her clothes, watching whatever videos and movies we wanted. My parents let me sleep over at her place almost 4 nights a week. It was just so much fun! Oh and as for Bobby…I’m not sure what he was up to most of the time, I barely saw him…I guess he was enjoying playing his favorite video games non stop without anybody telling him off. Just sometimes he’d come down to the kitchen to get another bowl of coco puffs. He was so obsessed with them, refused to eat anything else. Not the healthiest, but it made life for Elle and Michell pretty easy. They didn’t have to think about what to feed him.

One morning my parents suggested I invite Elle over, and some other girlfriends who also ended up staying in town. They said we could all go together to buy whatever snacks we wanted and they’d give me some money for pizza. AND, my mom said they were going out with friends and they would probably be out for the whole night! Oh my…(god- implied:))! ME! Hosting a somewhat real party? My 1st party ever?! My parents are very private and for whatever reason they never let me invite anybody to stay over for like more than an hour. And the golden rule: either my mom or dad has to be present in the house to supervise. So you get it, right? This was huge! Almost all my classmates already had a big sleepover party or a real party… EXCEPT ME! So it took me approximately 2 seconds to jump up and rush to send messages and call my friends! Elle was super excited for me and obviously, Michelle let her go.

My parents were glowing, ready for their own party, all dressed up… I couldn’t resist taking a photo of them. They left, and I had the best sleepover party ever! We had tons of chips, chocolate and cookies, a bunch of pizzas and ice cream! We danced, we sang, we ate, we took photos, we told stories, we shared secrets… it was perfect!

We all woke up to a delicious smell. Hotcakes! I went downstairs to see that my awesome parents had made us hotcakes with fruit salad. I was so happy all smiling and grinning… but when I saw my mom’s face, my smile vanished. She had a big bruise on her cheek…

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