7-Second Riddles

Try not to fail and solve these brain-busting puzzle without any mistakes! Increase your logical skills and exercise your brain with a mix of mystery riddles and love puzzles with answers 😉 I hope these puzzles will warm up your brain and become a great workout for your logic and intelligence!

00:14 – Here is another portion of your comments you guys left to one of the puzzles! And the answer is revealed at the end 😉
01:44 – Does her husband lie? Was he cheating on her? Test your logic and critical thinking with this tricky riddle!
03:06 – Ellen and John were having dinner together. In a couple of hours, John died! The police identified he was poisoned but there was no poison in the food they had eaten for dinner. However, Ellen was arrested. How did she poison her husband?
04:16 – A small portion of visual puzzles to increase your logical skills and test your critical thinking! Which model is a maniac?
05:36 – It was Lisa and Bob’s wedding… Soon after the ceremony, they died! How did this happen? Test your detective skills with this crime riddle!
06:46 – Who is the real beauty contest winner? Test your logic and critical thinking with this fun brain teaser 😉
07:52 – A visual brain game to test your math skills and boost your attentiveness! How many zombies can you count?
09:16 – A super tricky riddle with an answer that will blow your mind! Eric and Lora were about to divorce, but they didn’t… Guess why?
10:21 – Improve your detective skills and analytical thinking with these brain teasers! Can you find the lover?
11:51 – Here is a visual quiz to test your logical thinking! Who is his lover?

TELL me IN THE COMMENTS which riddle completely blew your mind!

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