7-Second Riddles

Get ready to scratch your brain with these 22 IQ riddles and mind puzzles! These brain-teasing crime puzzles and visual riddles will boost your attention and help you stay concentrated for a long period of time. If you feel tired or exhausted try to spend time solving brain games and tests! You will have some fun and work out your brain at the same time 😉

00:14 – Who is his wife? A set of visual puzzles to boost your attention and increase your brain power 😉
01:42 – One of Jess’s kids damaged the wallpaper with paint. Who did it? Turn on your logic and get the answer right!
02:22 – Someone was stealing luxury baby clothes in the store. The detective looked through the CCTV footage to find the thief. Who was it? Test your logic and attentiveness with this crime puzzle!
03:30 – Mrs. Lee found out that one of her kids was kidnapped and replaced by an alien impostor! Which kid is an alien?
04:22 – Who broke the vase? A tricky riddle that will test your logical thinking 😉
05:11 – Can you spot the wanted criminal? Check these visual puzzles out and try to find all the answers before the time is up 😉
06:32 – Boost your logical thinking and increase your detective skills with this criminal case! You have to talk to the suspects and find the criminal!
07:21 – Why did he arrest Dave? A logic riddle on crime to test your detective skills and logical thinking!
08:26 – Who are mother and son? It’s a small portion of visual puzzles that will boost your critical thinking and increase your attentiveness to the details!
09:47 – Who is her real parent? Boost your logical thinking and try to solve this puzzle before the time is up 😉
11:17 – How did she do it? A fun puzzle for kids and teens that will boost your brain 😉
12:12 – Who is lying? Test your logical thinking and analytical skills with this short visual puzzle!

TELL me IN THE COMMENTS which was the hardest for you in this set!

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