7-Second Riddles

Here is an awesome set of insane emoji challenges and mystery riddles for kids and adults! Mystery crime riddles and different puzzles will be a good brain workout and will force your brain activities to start. Some of these riddles are really hard, so just pause the video if you feel like you need more time to think about the answer ( I won’t tell anyone 😉 )

00:14 – Which emoji doesn’t fit here? Boost your attentiveness and spot the odd emoji out!
02:03 – Can you spot the aliens? A fun picture riddle for kids to train logic and test your attentiveness! Try to answer before the time is up!
03:15 – Exercise your brain with this tricky visual puzzle and check if your eyes are as sharp as you used to think😉 Can you find all of the aliens hidden among us? If so, you’re ready to be enrolled in Men in Black👽
04:36 – Who is the vampire? A tricky mystery riddle for the vampire experts! Leave your opinion in the comments below 😉
06:50 – Guess the music bands by the emojis! Test your general knowledge and logical thinking with these picture puzzles 🙂
08:43 – A tricky detective puzzle that will boost your brain! Try to find out who kidnapped the little vampire 😉
09:32 – A bunch of picture riddles to test your attentiveness! Try to find the space aliens among the real people before the time is up!
12:32 – A tricky visual quiz to speed up your thinking! Which alien is his mother?

TELL me IN THE COMMENTS what kind of riddles do you like most of all!

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