Unedited PCMR PAX East Panel (ft. Steve, Bitwit, AMD, Corsair, /r/PCMR)


TIMESTAMPS BELOW. This is the unedited PCMR panel from PAX East 2018, featuring Bitwit, GN, AMD, Corsair, and the moderators + creator of the /r/pcmasterrace subreddit. We are working on a cut-down version of this video with boosted audio for folks who want the supercut version! This is really more of an archival thing. Also, the layout of the podium + panelists made it impossible for the camera to see Pedro (PCMR) and George (Corsair), and difficult to see the other half of theapplefreak. Sorry! We positioned for audio to be near the speaker, not for video.


1:41 – Introductions, Favorite Thing About PC Gaming
6:40 – What is the PCMR Subreddit / Community?
9:20 – What Attracted You to PC Building/Gaming?
19:04 – Has gaming culture shifted toward PC gaming and off of consoles?
24:30 – How does PC building impact your life?
30:50 – Favorite hardware & software modifications?
37:30 – Will wee see improvements in Ryzen 2 vs. Ryzen 1?
38:40 – AMD or NVIDIA?
40:00 – Where’s my check from AMD?
40:50 – Thoughts on brand loyalty?
43:07 – What do you think about brands like MSFT releasing prebuilt PCs?
46:00 – Have you bragged to LTT about RIPLTT?
47:30 – Which video was the most fun to work on?
49:00 – Are we all shills for Microsoft?
50:40 – Why is Alienware so disliked in the PC community?
52:00 – Do we need to be worried about companies limiting our ability to modify hardware?
54:30 – Does RGB matter?
56:00 – Steve, do you get a lot of pressure from manufacturers to do positive reviews?
57:05 – What’s your opinion on GeForce Partner Program?

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Video: Andrew Coleman

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