Top 20 Animals You’ll Strangely, Never See In Captivity

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Zoos and aquariums these days have gone to great lengths to house some of the most exotic animals in the world. But is that really enough for every animal out there? Here are 20 animals you won’t see on your next visit to zoo or aquarium.
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Be Amazed at these Top 20 Animals you’ll never see captivity! Indri and the blue whale – There’s a stack of reasons why you won’t find a blue whale in captivity, the obvious one being it’s unethical. pink fairy armadillo – blob-fish – In 2013, this extremely rare deep-sea creature was voted the ugliest animal in the world, however it only looks like a blob out of water. Dumbo octopus – This unusual specimen got its name because of hypnotically flapping its ear-like fins to propel themselves, similar to Disney’s infamous Dumbo. Pigbutt worm – Fangtooth – Fangtooth’s look like something from a horror movie with their disproportionately large, fang-like teeth yet are completely harmless to humans. giraffe weevil – This unique insect gets its name for its enormously long neck, often used to fight for the opportunity to mate with a female. Saola – Javan Rhino – The javan rhino has had nothing but bad luck, the most threatened of the five rhino species, their numbers have been dwindling for years. Northern Sportive lemur – This species of Lemur is declining dramatically in population because of habit loss from deforestation and illegal hunting. Billfishes – Billfish is a collective term to categorize fish with a long, bony, spear-shaped bill or snout. Swallow’s – These birds are highly adapted to aerial feeding; the only time they aren’t in the air is when they’re mating or sleeping, just like humans. Kakapo – The Kakapo shares a lot of similarities with the extinct dodo, a small flightless bird often hunted by either humans or other predators. Giant and colossal squid – Deep sea animals such as the giant and colossal squid are unable to stay in captivity for a number of reasons.

Mountain gorilla’s – If you’ve ever seen the award-winning movie “gorillas in the mist” then you’re probably accustomed to the plight of mountain gorillas. Narwhale – Narwhales are like the unicorns of the sea with a huge protruding tusk coming out of their head. Oarfish – The oarfish is the longest bony fish in the deep ocean but regardless of its size, we don’t know a great deal about them. Platypus – The platypus is one of the weirdest animals in existence; a semi-aquatic mammal that lays eggs and has a poisonous spur on its hind foot. Great white shark – Although it would be an amazing spectacle in an aquarium, the great white shark just can’t flourish in a tank.

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