Top 10 Things That Mysteriously Vanished Without A Trace

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Some huge things have mysteriously disappeared without a trace. Keep watching to find out curious cases of the 10 most mysterious objects that vanished without a trace!
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Be Amazed at these things that Just vanished without a trace! Flight 19 – This vanishing happened at the end of 1945, over the incredibly infamous Bermuda Triangle. 5 Grumman TBM Avengers were running a routine assignment named ‘Navigation Problem 1’ which was an exercise involving bombing and navigation. James Bond’s DB5 – Goldfinger was a smash hit film around the world; people couldn’t get enough of the suave and supercool James Bond character, and what a lot of people loved about the film was Bond’s DB5. Queen Victoria’s Parliamentary Mace – If you’ve ever watched footage of British MP’s discuss politics and legislation in the Houses of Parliament, you’ll know that its an incredibly big deal with a lot of old, archaic traditions still upheld since parliament began. Honjo Masamune – There are many versions of this particular story, but what we can be certain of is the facts. Gorō Nyūdō Masamune was widely renowned as one of the greatest swordsmiths in Japanese history, making swords all the way back in the 13th century.

George Washington’s teeth – It’s safe to say that George Washington didn’t brush that often. Most people know that he didn’t have many of his original teeth, leading to the myth that he wore wooden teeth. S.S Poet – The S. S. Poet was an extremely important ship for America during World War 2, transporting troops until 1949. Faberge Eggs – These are far from the sort of eggs you boil in a pan and serve with toast! These are jewel encrusted eggs, made by the house of Faberge. Amelia Earhart’s plane – Amelia Earhart was one trailblazing lady. Malaysia Airlines flight 370 – This one happened as recently as 2014, and should be fresh in the memory of anyone that watches the news. The Ark of the Covenant – There are some lost things that are so important, finding them would bolster a huge amount of religious history and also provide their owners with one of the most priceless historical artifacts in the world.

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