Top 10 Secrets The Royal Family Doesn’t Want You To Know

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The British Royal Family is steeped in tradition, opulence, and intrigue . Upon a glance, you may see nobility and stature. Dig a little deeper, however, and you’ll find 10 Secrets the Royal Family doesn’t want you to know.
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Be Amazed at these Royal Secrets! Royal Eating Habits – Prince William and Prince Harry may unofficially represent Royalty and proper manners. Prince Charles Tampongate – Speaking of the illustrious Prince Charles, it’s no secret that he didn’t always have a loving relationship with Diana. Prince Andrew – It’s hard to pinpoint just one scandal Andrew was involved in that doesn’t take the cake. Prince William and Kate Middleton – Prince William and Kate seem like the perfect couple; meant-to-be, but they both have a rather complicated history . The Royal Family’s Nazi Ties – There have been rumors that members of the Royal Family were Nazi sympathizers and possibly even colluders .
Prince Charles May Not Have Fathered Prince Harry – While Prince Charles’ affair with Camilla was very public and eventually had a lot of evidence to clarify it, Princess Diana’s affair with military man James Hewitt was a little less public. Princess Diana Suicide Attempts – The Prince Charles and Princess Diana scandal was so big and widely reported upon that we all tend to think we know what went down and how it went down. Descendants of Dracula – Some may wonder why Prince Charles seems to spend so much time and energy on Romania. After all, his country is Britain. Prince Harry – Not since Prince Andrew, just one generation earlier, has the British Royal Family seen such a controversial Prince as Prince Harry. House of Windsor is Not of British Descent – There’s nothing more British than the House of Windsor. Right? Wrong. The House of Windsor is actually pretty German .

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