Top-10 Facts about ‘Google’ That You Probably don’t Know.

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Whenever someone wants to know about something, instead of saying ‘search it on the internet’ we simply say ‘Google it’. This tells us about the level of impact Google has made on the search engine world. Google is not just a search engine it has became a part of our day to day life. Google inc. and its products have made our lives more easier than ever. We use ‘google’ to find the answers we are looking for, we use ‘google maps’ for reaching an unknown location, we use ‘google translate’ to understand unknown languages and we also spend a lot of time on watching our favorite videos on ‘YouTube’ which s also a product of Google. Overall we can say Google inc. is dominating the internet world with its ideas and innovations.

Google is now a multinational billion dollar company dominating the internet related services and products and operates 70 offices in more than 40 countries. But, did you know the fact that Google was started in a garage just as ‘a student project’? did you know that ‘Android’ is a product of Google?

Watch this video to find out interesting facts about ‘Google’ that you probably don’t know.



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