Roxas comics artist makes new comics for his real idol Duterte


After making a comic book for Mar Roxas because it “was just a job”, artist Karl Comendador is all set to release one for his real idol— Davao City Mayor Rodrigo Duterte.

On his Facebook page, Comendador shared a sneak peek of his new comic book highlighting Duterte’s career.

Titled ‘Kanlungan ng mga Api at Inaabuso’ [The Refuge of the Oppressed and Abused], the two snippets show Duterte’s compassion for children.

In the first panel, he can be shown comforting a cancer-stricken child who is asking him for prosthetic legs after his own were amputated.
This is just a sneak peek. You will even be more awed by Mayor Duterte’s nationalism and good heart…so he should become the President of the Philippines In the second, he can be seen visiting a sick child and crying over a young girl who has been killed.

In an interview with ABS-CBN, Comendador said he is rooting for Duterte because of his strong-willed leadership which he said is necessary to cure this country of its ills.

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