Remote control (RC) Self balancing car | how to make a rc car | how to make a self balancing car


Title :Self balancing car | how to make a rc car | how to make a self balancing car | how to make a car

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You need : 2 DC motor, cap or DVD for Tyre, 3.7V battery, transmitter & receiver, bolt, wires, charging circuit , switch, etc.

Where to find

Motor :-you can find dc motor at any electronics store or online.
Tyre :-for tyres it depend on you what you want to use , my one DVD was broken so i go on to jar cap.
3.7 V battery :-you can battery in old laptop battery or in electric drill machine, etc or at stores.
transmitter & receiver :- i had bayed from electronics store.
Bolt :-it is not necessary to use bolt you can use any simple metal rod.
Switch :-you can find switch in any electric device.
charging circuit : -i have removed from selfiistick you can also find it in power bank.

how to make
take a Popsicle stick & stick a dc motor on it , you can use glue stick or any other fast recovery glue.
stick the battery and on that stick any metal rod,
on the top of the Popsicle stick attach the receiver,
connect the wire to the battery attach the switch.
connect the charging circuit to the battery.

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