7-Second Riddles

Enjoy this set of cool personality tests, illusions and trivia quiz that will both entertain your brain and enrich it with useful information, giving you lots of for thoughts:

00:14 – Optical illusions to test your personality and reveal something new about your character.
02:50 – Best optical illusions to play a mind tricks on you!
03:36 – The first 6 seconds people meet each other make the deepest impression, everything is decided within this short period of time. A tricky and provocative personality test that will help you understand what principles your relationships with people are founded on. Try to guess which one among these girls had sex with another girl and wait for your results. This test will reveal what you usually rely on when your first impression about a person is being made.
04:55 – A fascinating space trivia quiz to take you to the worlds beyond and back to Earth🌍 If you can’t imagine what other planets look like but always wanted to see them, this mesmerizing video is created especially for you. Spend 2 minutes to chill your brain and please your eyes😜
07:14 – If you knew at least half of these general knowledge facts before watching this trivia, I would say you’re one of the smartest people in the world😉Here is a set of interesting facts you won’t find in in Wikipedia! It’s a nice warm-up to stretch your brain and give your day a good start!
09:30 – Math riddle! This easy riddle will bring joy to your brain, because it’s easy and tricky at the same time! You’ll see at least 5 numbers right away, but there are 10 numbers! Only a genius can spot all 10 numbers right away! Can you?
10:25 – What do you see? Mind blowing illusions for kids.

TELL me IN THE COMMENTS what do you see in the Thumbnail: a man or a woman?

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