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Alright, geniuses! I’d say “NO” to all standard IQ tests that “grade” your IQ by making you choose an option! I don’t think they are precise, sometimes our mind can’t think the way the world and schools want us to think. Being able to think outside the box and suggest an interactive and creative solution – THAT’S WHAT MATTERS NOWADAYS! So I prepared a mix of cool optical illusions, picture puzzles, trivia, gk questions, fun tests, emoji games and crime riddles that will test your IQ! I’m not the one to tell you whether your IQ is above average or below, but if you can crack at least 15 of thee riddles and brain teasers (any of them) then you have nothing to worry at all! Your IQ and creativity level is just awesome! If you struggle to solve 15, then you need to think about your brain workout a bit more.

Timestamps of the most popular riddles out there:

04:35 – Find the mistakes in the pictures. Try this fun quiz that will check how attentive to details you are! You will need no special knowledge that goes beyond just general knowledge, common sense and logic. Alright, now look at the picture and tell me what absolutely cannot be happening in real life!
07:31 – This tricky word puzzles and short quiz will reveal your dark side😈 I bet you won’t answer these questions without at least one dirty thought at all! Let’s check if you can think quickly under this pressure 😁 How many of them did you solve? Also, kids crack these funny riddles right away!
23:00 – These cool brain teasers will test your general knowledge and ability to think and act fast in a dangerous situation. Before I reveal the answers, try to imagine yourself in that situation and what would you act? If you have a bit more knowledge, don’t hesitate to share with all of us in the comments, we’ll appreciate! These self-defense tricks are useful to keep up your sleeve and pull them out when there is a need. You never know, but maybe one day thanks to these brain teasers you will be able to help somebody in need.
25:51 – A hard crime riddle only the most attentive solvers can crack! Turn on your logic and believe your eyes, not what the other people say. Feel free to pause the video if you feel the lack of time as it’s a really hardcore one!
29:03 – Fun visual puzzle and trivia will break all your stereotypes about the fastest creatures and types of transport in the world into pieces! Here are three levels for you; try to guess who’s going to win this race. Did you get it right? I passed only the first level🙈 A cool puzzle with answers to keep your mind sharp and your spirits high!
39:10 – Cool optical illusions and riddles from the Thumbnail. Fun riddles that will trick your mind.
44:06 – Oh, Sherlock, drop everything and rush to the crime scene, we’ve got a real mess here! This tough crime riddle is only for brilliant minds and we can’t do without you today. Can you collect all the evidences and examine them carefully to reveal who the killer is? We rely on you!
53:38 – This cool movie quiz will show us who is a cinema-goer here😁 The iconic movies of all times are hidden in these fun emoji puzzles and emoji games. How many of them can you solve? If you guess less than half of them, you should definitely take a day off, grab some popcorn and watch them all over again! I failed only one task😉 Cool picture puzzles to chill your brain and lighten your mood during the day!
59:35 – A set of short text riddles and quiz questions to boost your logic and sharpen your mind! They are funny riddles with a trick, so you will have to rack your brain hard to figure it out, but the answers will make you laugh and cry out, “I don’t know how I didn’t think of that sooner!” The answers are really simple and obvious but you’ll never guess because we don’t usually notice what is in plain sight. So, let me know how many of them you got right! Tricky riddles with answers to keep your mind sharp😉

TELL me IN THE COMMENTS if you found any mistakes or better answers to these riddles. Also, did you manage to solve any of these riddles on your own?

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