7-Second Riddles

Enjoy these easy and cool optical illusions and riddles for your daily vision test! Check whether you have a great perception and nice vision or not:
00:14 – Tricky picture riddle
This tricky riddle will scratch your brain and will make you feel that there’s something strange going on in the world of art! Or maybe the world of art is too high for us, ordinary people? Easy riddles to warm-up your brain and EYES for the main brain workout!

01:24 – Can you read this?
Amazing optical illusion riddles and brain games to test your vision and brain as well! If your brain elastic (as it should be) then you will easily read all of them, however, if your brain is not stretched, then you should add up more into your brain exercises routine! ?

03:37 – Common sense test
How good is your perception and intuition? Funny riddles to test your ability to analyze a person by the look (it’s important nowadays, isn’t it?!). I failed hard this tricky riddle!

06:20 – Can you read this? Boss level!
More optical illusions and riddles to test your vision, however, this time even more difficult! ?

08:10 – How many do you see?
Good riddles for your eye test and brain speed test! If your brain works fast and eyes catch all the details well, then you’ll crack these awesome picture riddles for kids without any effort!

11:08 – What do you see: A Beauty or A Monster?
Cool optical illusion for kids and adults! Every person who sees it, falls in love with it! It’s just so tricky and cool! This riddle will simply blow your mind and make you realize that everything is just a matter of perception! ?

TELL me IN THE COMMENTS which one of these optical illusions and riddles for your daily vision test was the easiest for you!

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