Natural ways to deal with stress and anxiety | 3 EASY ACTIONABLE ways for instant stress relieve


Natural ways to deal with stress and anxiety!

In this video we will give you 3 natural ways to deal with stress and anxiety instantly.

You want some natural stress and anxiety relief that works FAST?
Today we will share three smart tips on how to do just that.
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Natural remedies for stress and anxiety Number one:
Make a list of everything that’s stressing you out. Then, divide what you have written down in to two columns: Things you can control and things you can not control. When you’re done,take a moment and look at the list . You’ll notice that stress often derives mostly from things beyond your control.
Take the list and rip up the part of the list with the things you can’t control in to small pieces and throw them away. This works on the subconscious spart of the brain and can be surprisingly effective and you might just notice a stress relive right away.
Natural cures for stress and anxiety number two:
Put your hands under warm running water for a few minutes.
Immersing your hands in warm water engages the calming part of the nervous system, the parasympathetic part. When it goes to work it slows down it’s wild twin brother: the sympathetic part of the nervous system which is responsible for having you stay on guard. They are like shift workers: when one is up the other one is resting.
Natural ways to reduce stress and anxiety number three:
Turn off all screens.
Turn everything off and listen to the silence even if just for 5 minutes. Look out the window and just notice things outside. Look at the wall and notice it’s color. What does the ceiling look like? Doing this throws a wrench in your racing monkey mind engine and after that you’ll have a much easier time handling it.
The next time you feel overwhelmed , try these tips out. They are backed up by science and really do work. We hope it’s been informative. Remember to share and subscribe and we’ll see you in the next video.
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