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Today the Search Engine Google is Showing Mary G. Ross’ 110th Birthday With Google Doodle in United States.

She was the first known American Indian female engineer.It’s time for Mary G. Ross to be remembered as an aerospace pioneer.She was one of the 40 founding engineers of the Skunk Works and was known for her work at Lockheed Martin on “preliminary design concepts for interplanetary space travel, manned and unmanned earth-orbiting flights, the earliest studies of orbiting satellites for both defense and civilian purposes.

Mary G. Ross inventions

first female and only Native American engineer at Lockheed Aircraft Corporation.

A proud Cherokee woman and the great-great granddaughter of Chief John Ross, Mary Golda Ross is an excellent role model for young women and American Indians everywhere. Her accomplishments are a testament to her determination and love for education.

Her work on the team included developing initial design concepts for interplanetary space travel (including flyby missions to Venus and Mars) and satellites including the Agena rocket (depicted in today’s Doodle).

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