Inside Conor McGregor’s $2.9 Million Mansion


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Conor McGregor is the highest earning MMA fighter in history, so of course he has a few luxury mansions to his name. One of the most stunning is his $2.9 million mansion in Las Vegas. Overlooking the Las Vegas Strip, it comes with everything from a games room to an elevator that opens up right into the master bedroom. The ensuite bathroom is impressive, with a giant shower right in the center and his and hers sections. The mansion also comes with an epic backyard featuring a gigantic pool, a massage table, and of course, a jacuzzi.

McGregor used this mansion for training in 2015, so living there came with a few rules. His fighting team stayed with him, but they had to make sure to keep a few things out of the house so they wouldn’t derail his strict training regime. But once the fight is over, so are the rules, with McGregor saying the mansion is the perfect place to celebrate after a win. Speaking of treating himself after a win, we’ll also dive into some of the Irishman’s most expensive luxury goods, from vehicles like his Lamborghini Huracán to his $3.4 million yacht, and the private jet that he got for free. We also can’t forget his designer watch collection– his Rolex collection alone is worth more than most of his cars combined. Here’s a tour of the Las Vegas “Mac Mansion” plus a look inside McGregor’s impressive real estate collection, from Dublin to Spain.

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00:00 Intro
00:32 Conor McGregor’s net worth and where he gets his money
01:48 His Las Vegas dream home
04:38 His other million dollar mansions, from Dublin to Spain
06:46 Inside his luxury lifestyle– cars, yachts, and Rolexes galore

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