If You Want Better Sleep in 1 Night, Toss Your Pillow!


The first pillows we know of date back to Ancient Mesopotamia. They were made of stone, and only wealthy people could afford them. Unlike ancient stone pillows, the ones we use today are soft and fluffy, and many people can’t sleep without hugging a big cozy pillow. But in fact, sleeping with a pillow may not be the best way to rest, as it can affect your body and your mood. Some of the pillows make you sleep in an unnatural position and don’t support your head.

A pillow’s not gonna give you a backache all on its own, but it can make things worse. Having no pillow’s better than a bad one, test it out for yourself. If you wake up refreshed without one, it’s time to chuck that thing out! Of course, it can be difficult to part with your favorite pillow, but sleeping without it has many health benefits, and we did our research to introduce you to some of them. So if you feel tired when you wake up, these tips might help you!


How to tell if you have a right pillow 0:01
Why you shouldn’t sleep with wet hair 1:27
Different people need different pillows 1:40
Sleeping without a pillow 2:36
What to do when you can’t sleep 3:48
How to improve your sleep 5:15

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