I Couldn’t Crack All 13 Riddles, See If You Can


And here we go again with our hard riddles that are meant to trip you up! They will have your brain working at the fullest capacity if you try to solve them. But these brainteasers will challenge not only your brain but will also encourage you to think outside the box. Think you’re a pro at solving puzzles? Let’s find out! Oh, by the way, you can also check if your friends have problem-solving abilities by challenging them with these difficult riddles.


A dark cell 0:01
What’s the passcode? 0:45
Three doors 1:40
Three buttons 2:22
How to see through walls 3:12
Another door that requires a passcode 4:01
Who do you trust? 4:50
A robot 5:37
Hungry dogs 7:01
Get the passcode 8:14
Who’s your bride? 9:32

Music by Epidemic Sound

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