How Kevin Durant Spent $170 Million


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Kevin Durant has a net worth of about $170 million, and he one day hopes to reach billionaire status. He’s well on his way, and if he becomes a billionaire he has plans to buy an NBA franchise of his own. Durant wants to create generational wealth, that’s why he has invested in numerous tech companies like Robinhood, Coinbase, and Postmates. Once his current contract ends, Durant will have made over $350 million in salary, but he has made far more from endorsement deals. His Nike contract is one of the most valuable endorsement deals in the sports world. In 2014, he signed a 10-year endorsement deal with Nike worth $300 million. KD has been one of Nike’s signature athletes since his rookie season. His first contract with Nike netted him $60 million, and Nike had no problem shelling out more cash when it was time to renew the contract. KD’s signature line of sneakers earns Nike at least $175 million in revenue per year. Only Michael Jordan and Lebron James earn more revenue for Nike. The Nets recently signed Durant to a four-year contract worth $164,255,700. He will earn a base salary of $39,058,950 this season as well as an incentive bonus of $1,050,000. Durant is currently the 7th highest-paid player in the NBA, and if he stays in the league as long as Lebron, his career earnings could be over $500 million. Here’s a detailed look at how basketball phenom Kevin Durant earns and spends all of his money.

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00:41 Kevin Durant
01:36 The Money Keeps Rolling in
02:08 Huge Contract with Golden State
02:55 Big Bucks in Brooklyn
03:42 Lucrative Nike Contract
04:41 Other Endorsement Deals
05:25 Business Ventures
06:14 Entertainment Investments
06:37 Restaurant Business
06:54 Spending All That Money
08:05 Cool Car Collection
09:15 Charity Work
10:10 Future Earnings

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