Gamers Nexus | AMD’s Wasted Keynote: Non-X Ryzen 5000 CPUs (OEM), New Laptops, & RX 6000 Updates in 1H21


We’re recapping AMD’s new non-X CPUs (what little we know), mobile CPUs, and AMD’s squandered opportunity to use the keynote to actually deliver real technical info on its products.
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Discussion includes a focus on AMD’s new Ryzen 5000 mobile CPUs (5980HX, 5980HS, 5900HX, 5900HS, 5600H, 5600HS, etc.), the naming scheme / nomenclature of those CPUs, and some brief mentions of other topics. The non-mobile topics include two non-X Ryzen CPUs (5900 and 5800) for OEM-only configurations (until they find their way online), a brief mention of Threadripper Pro, and AMD’s 5-second RX 6000 “new GPUs in 2021” throw-away line. There is some actually genuinely interesting information in the keynote, but that constitutes under 5 minutes of the 60-minute total, so we extracted that, then added our own information from AMD’s press group.

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00:00 – Dear Executives
02:21 – AMD vs. Intel Keynote Benchmarks
04:40 – Ryzen Non-X Desktop CPUs & Epyc Milan (Very Brief)
06:50 – New AMD Ryzen 5000 Laptop CPU Specs, Power, & SKUs
09:02 – Not All Are Zen 3 & Bad Naming Scheme (Again)
11:30 – AMD’s 5-Second “New Desktop RDNA2” Mention
11:48 – Please Don’t Do This, AMD

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Host, Editorial: Steve Burke
Video: Keegan Gallick

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