DIY Felt Craft Ideas

Tips & tricks

How to make felted acorns set. In today’s tutorial we’ll show you a few interesting felt craft ideas to make fabulous wool jewelry: a brooch, earrings and rings. These DIY accessories will add your dress for any occasions!

Supplies and tools:

• Unspun wool of beige, brown, green, pink, yellow, blue, red, white, black and orange colors.
• Sponge
• Felt needle, size 38
• Pastel
• Scissors
• Wire
• Bead embellishment
• Sewing needle, thread
• Brooch back
• Hot glue gun or multipurpose glue
• Fishing line
• French Hooks, bead caps, seed bead – per 2 pcs
• Pliers
• Ring blank – 2 pcs

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