Director chooses Santiago for President even if her ‘chances of winning are almost nil’


Actor and director Manny Castaneda took to Facebook last April 12 to explain why he will vote for Miriam Defensor Santiago for president in the upcoming May elections.

“…my vote for Miriam Santiago is not meant to elect her as president but more to honor her,” Castaneda explained. “It is my way of expressing my utmost respect and admiration to a feisty lady for her principles, courage, intellectual brilliance, mastery of the English language and yes… even her theatrics.”
Castaneda is aware that Santiago is coming in at last place during recent surveys, but this did not deter him from making his choice. “I shall be part of the measly 3% (based on recent survey) who will vote for her. Clearly, I will vote for a candidate whose chances of winning are almost nil,” he confessed. “Fate has it that Miriam Defensor Santiago will not be the next president of the Philippines and most probably will never become a president of our country… making her one great president we never had.”

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