Cool Riddles For Kids And Visual Brain Teasers That’ll Bewilder Your Brain

7-Second Riddles

These cool riddles for kids and easy visual brain teasers will simply bewilder your brain at once!
00:14 – Can you find the panda? The easiest picture puzzles in this compilation! You should be able to find all hiding pandas at once!
02:01 – Find the odd one out challenge! This is more difficult, if you pass this.. Impressive!
03:13 – My favorite optical illusion pictures that hide a lot of interesting people in them! Can you see them?
05:23 – Creativity test! What is it? If you can think outside the box, then you will have at least 4 answers for each picture!
09:25 – Almost impossible to spot that one difference! Tricky picture riddles for the most attentive of us (definitely not for me, too tricky)!
11:00 – Amazing optical illusions! How many faces do you see? I could only spot around 2-3 faces in each picture! Will you find all the faces?
The last picture puzzle is left without the answer for you to crack it! So don’t forget to TELL me IN THE COMMENTS how many faces you saw there!

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