MCE & CPB Investigation on Intel & AMD | Sneaky BIOS

With B&H chipsets on the horizon from Intel, and Ryzen 2000 from AMD, we’re revisiting the topic of MCE and Core Performance Boost on both platforms. Ad: Buy the EVGA X299 DARK on Newegg ( Article: This video explores multi-core enhancement on Intel and the i7-8700K, a CPU with a more complicated turbo table […]

NVidia’s $400,000 “Graphics Card” – 16 GPUs, 1.5TB RAM DGX-2

We get hands-on — well, hands-off (they wouldn’t let us touch it) — with the NVIDIA DGX-2, a $400,000 super computer with 16 Volta GPUs. Ad: Buy the Corsair Dark Core SE on Amazon ( Article: While at GTC 2018, we checked out the new $400,000 DGX-2 data center solution to deep learning and […]

GDDR6 Price, New GPU Launch Timelines, & Mass Production

SK Hynix’s GDDR6 memory is coming soon, and it’ll land on the next-generation of nVidia GPUs — the fabled GTX 1180 (or 2080) sometime… eventually. Ad: Buy the Corsair Dark Core SE on Amazon ( Article: NVidia will eventually make a new GPU, some day, and it’ll probably bear Turing or Ampere architecture branding, […]

Jensen’s Coffee Delivery Bot & AI at GTC

These collaborative working robots were shown at GTC. Veo Robotics works with humans, Kinema packs pallets, and NVIDIA’s delivers coffee to Jensen. Ad: Buy Thermal Grizzly Conductonaut on Amazon (or their standard Kryonaut on Amazon We show a few cool robots at GTC 2018. This was stuff that was just kind of neat […]

4x Volta Custom EK Water Cooling (& DGX-2 Torn Down)

We got a hands-on with the DGX-2 and DGX1 Station, the latter of which has 4x Volta V100s under a custom EK water cooling loop. Ad: Buy the EVGA X299 DARK on Newegg ( The NVIDIA GTC 2018 conference featured millions of dollars of super computers on the show floor, with this video showing about […]

HW News – Next-Gen Gaming GPUs, GPP (Cont’d), Meltdown Performance

We talk about hardware news for the past week, including next-generation gaming GPUs (i.e. Turing, Ampere), Meltdown performance, GPP, and more. Buy the GN Anti-Static Modmat! Show notes: Hardware news topics for the week include NVIDIA’s GTC recap & keynote recap for GTC 2018, discussing of advanced locomotion and animation for games, high-performance […]

Intel Z370 vs. B360 Differences on i5-8400 & 8700K | Benchmark

This benchmark tests the Intel Z370 vs. B360 & H370 chipset differences with an Intel i5-8400 CPU & i7-8700K CPU, proving once and for all which chipset is “best” by nature of strictly the motherboard. Ad: Buy the Thermaltake View 71 on Amazon ( Article: Our Intel B360 & H370 chipset review uses an […]

Manufacturing Detailed: What GN Modmats Taught Us

Our new GN Anti-Static Modmats are in, and this video highlights just how hard it is to manufacture a good product. Order the GN Modmat here: We’ve learned a lot from making our anti-static mats, and that has hugely informed how we review products going forward. This gives us an important new perspective on […]

Ask GN 75: X470 vs. X370 Tests, Balancing Criticism vs. Samples

This Ask GN episode talks about X370 vs. X470 chipset differences and benchmarks, balancing criticism vs. receiving samples, AMD direct GPU sales, and more. Ad: Buy Thermal Grizzly Conductonaut on Amazon (or their standard Kryonaut on Amazon TIMESTAMPS: 01:06 – X370 vs. X470 on Ryzen 2 testing? 04:47 – TJCCBR47: “Ask GN: How […]

Real-Time Ray Tracing Explained

We talk with NVIDIA’s Tom Petersen about how ray tracing works, with some specific information on real-time ray-tracing. Ad: Buy the EVGA X299 DARK on Newegg ( Article: Real-time ray tracing has been “the next big thing” in gaming (and cinema) for what feels like forever. We first covered some nVidia predictions on real-time […]