DIY Pregnancy Scrapbook

How to make pregnancy scrapbook. In this scrapbooking tutorial we’ll craft a beautiful pregnancy journal for photos and cards. Our fabulous album with convenient pockets will perfectly preserve special moments of a happy expectation time! Share This:

DIY Heart Shaped Wooden Earring Holder

How to make wooden earring holder. This tutorial will show you how to craft a scented heart shaped earring holder. This awesome DIY idea will help you to keep safe your jewelries and scent a room with your favorite aroma! Share This:

DIY Wax Paper Envelope

How to make paper envelope. This time we’ll show you an interesting tutorial of making a wax resist patterned paper envelope using watercolors. This amazing DIY envelope will keep the card or small gift safe inside to prevent revealing the secret until the right time! Supplies and tools: • White cardboard and paper • Wax […]

DIY Disney Baby Hair Bows

How to make baby hair bow. In our new amazing tutorial we’ll craft gorgeous princess style Disney hair bows. These fabulous DIY accessories for girls will help your kid feel real princess! Supplies and tools: • Dark teal ribbons of different width • Thin red ribbon • Wide golden lace ribbon • Wide peach ribbon […]

DIY Hot Glue Moon Jewelry

How to make handmade jewelry. In this tutorial we’ll show how to make unusual fabulous earrings and pendant covered with hot glue for decoration. These DIY moon accessories will match your outfit or become an original gift! Lunar surface image download link: Supplies and tools: • Picture of the surface of the Moon • […]

DIY Baby Boy Card

How to make baby boy card. This time we’ll show a new scrapbooking idea of making a charming greeting card in a marine style. This lovely DIY baby card will be a pleasant little gift for a young mother and it will recall the happy day years after! Share This:

How to Make a Baby Shower Card

How to make a baby shower card. In this tutorial we’ll show a beautiful making card idea with a lovely pink umbrella and sparkling rain. This fabulous DIY greeting card will cheer up the mother-to-be in any season and weather! Share This:

DIY Floral Maternity Card

How to make a floral card. In our scrapbooking tutorial we’ll craft a splendid maternity card with a paper flower. This DIY greeting card will become a pleasant gift for a mother-to-be! Supplies and tools: • Color cardboard and paper • Scrapbook paper • Pink ribbon • Embellishments • White glue • Multipurpose glue • […]

DIY Chain Belt

How to make chain belt. In this tutorial we’ll make an awesome chain belt woven with a suede cord. This beautiful DIY accessory will perfectly match your casual outfit or become a wonderful gift! Share This:

DIY Paper Notebook

How to make paper notebook. In today’s tutorial we’ll craft a cute notebook covered with a handmade scrapbook paper. This awesome simple notebook can become a nice gift and scrapbook paper you can use for other cardmaking ideas! Supplies and tools: • A4 paper • Hole puncher • Craft knife • Watercolors • Brushes • […]