Fashion Trends Looking Forward to in 2017

Ruffles, frills, and lace Elegance and femininity are back in trend this year. And what could be more feminine than translucent lace dresses, light airy ruffles, and playful frills? Embrace this fashion trend, and don’t be afraid to add a touch of frivolity to your look. Summer prints Bright floral prints have been hot for several seasons already, and we can see why. […]

Best Easy Ways to Dye Hair Naturally

It always feels nice to glance in the mirror and see that your hair shines with radiant health. However, in our pursuit of ideal looks, we often use treatments that do more harm than good and only manage to create a fleeting illusion of perfection. Well, the arrival of summer provides us all with a good opportunity to give our hair a rest and try out some genuinely fresh approaches! […]

The Significant Differences Between BB, CC, DD, EE, and PP Creams, and How to Choose the Perfect One

BB creams have become very popular among women in a short space of time. They’re designed to restore skin that’s been damaged by cosmetic procedures. Other similar creams have appeared in recent years: CC, DD, PP, and EE creams. We at Acrosoft would like to tell you what distinguishes them from each other and what kind of skin each of them is suited for. BB Creams BB is short for “beauty balm.” It can […]

Easy-to-Make Facial Masks That Will Save Your Skin

Stressful situations, overworking, lack of sleep, health problems — all of this can make our facial skin look and feel tired. We at Acrosoft decided to find a solution to this problem.We’ve searched far and wide and are now happy to present a selection of five effective facial mask recipes that will restore life to your skin and make you feel good about your appearance. Potato and lemon […]

Brilliant Useful Tricks to Get Your Makeup Absolutely Perfect

1. Getting the right contours for your face Great makeup starts with great foundation. You have probably heard about impressive contouring techniques that can change your face completely. Any makeup artist will tell you that the way you contour really depends on your face shape. But there is one common rule you should follow: we apply contour shades […]

Best Color Combinations to Make You Look Great

Combining the right colors is crucial for getting that perfect look. That’s why Acrosoft decided to share this crib sheet to make sure you won’t make a mistake when choosing your outfit. For pink jeans Coral with black A bright look for summer Ocean shades combined with yellow Coral with lilac Light blue for spring For a deep purple blouse For a light […]