10 Coolest Blades of All time

10 Coolest Blades of All time More About all of the Blades and historical swords: AWE.ME https://www.youtube.com/user/AweMeChannel Hi, guys. Today we’ll consider a wide arsenal of cold weapons, but it will not do without strangeness. There will be the most diverse blades, swords and other accessories for fans of noiseless and bloody massacres. And You […]


10 BIGGEST CATCHES OF ALL TIME By a wave of the wand we have prepared the most incredible catches for you! It is not uncommon to lie in such a case as the size of the caught trophy. Therefore, we have prepared for you only officially registered records of the largest catches, whether it’s a […]


10 Most EXPENSIVE and RARE CARS OF ALL TIME More About Cool Cars: Petrolicious https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCgyJPixJl95X1ut3E9K99KA DRIVE https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC5rBpVgv83gYPZ593XwQUsA Motor Trend Channel https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCsAegdhiYLEoaFGuJFVrqFQ Velocity https://www.youtube.com/user/velocity 1320video https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC0PXqiud6dbwOAk8RvslgpQ Motorvision https://www.youtube.com/user/MOTORVISIONcom Rare cars, like a good cognac, are becoming better and more expensive over the years. Auto collectors spend massive sums on the purchase of retro cars. It’s not […]

10 Most Unusual ways to CATCH FISH You Don’t Know About

10 Most Unusual ways to CATCH FISH You Don’t Know About Some fishermen often come back empty-handed, despite the great variety of fishing tackle that is available today. Today we are looking at some unusual and amusing fishing techniques. Fishing with an iPhone, a Rocket-propelled grenade and otter fishing. Some anglers even tried fishing with […]

10 Most Expensive Abandoned CARS

10 Most Expesive Adandoned Car on Junkyard Hi guys! Not only cheap cars can be found on the dump. Sometimes there´s even a chance to spot the fastest and most powerful supercars worth millions of dollars!!! Today, we are going to present some forgotten treasures of family garages, impound lots, and even city dumps.

10 Most Incredible PRIVATE ISLANDS in the WORLD

10 Most Incredible PRIVATE ISLAND in the WORLD When a man becomes ridiculously famous, he starts fantasizing day and night about where and how he would spend his money. What’s the point of obeying the laws of your state, if you can buy an island and set your own laws there? You don’t have to […]

12 MOTOCYCLES You’ve Probably Never HEARD OF

12 MOTOCYCLES You’ve Probably Never HEARD OF You may think you know everything about motorcycles, but we bet that we´re able to surprise you! We are talking about motorcycles with an aircraft engine, all-wheel drive bikes, long like dachshunds, and huge like a tractor. They are either running completely on electricity or are powered by […]


12 Most EXPENSIVE and Famous FIREARMS of ALL TIME Hi everybody! Several shots are able to change the course of history – and the weapon itself may obtain a status of a really invaluable gizmo – and today, you’ll see for yourself. Starting with the attributes of the popular gangster duo Bonnie and Clyde, we […]

The FACTS about the INDIAN RAILWAYS you should know !!!

Indian Railways is the life of the transport system in India.vastly spread across the nation Indian railway networks connects every town and villages.many lives depend upon it and offers cheapest means of transport for everyone. Here are the “facts factory” version of some of the incredible facts about the Indian railways. please watch and enjoy!! […]