Ask GN 79: Killing CPUs with Voltage, Fan Reviews Incoming


This Ask GN talks about GN’s highly anticipated fan reviews, safe voltages for Ryzen 2 overclocking (and Ryzen 1, and Coffee Lake, etc.), and more.
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01:34 – justin Parrish: “When will Snowflake host the News? and will there be subtitles and or dubs available?”

02:15 – st33med: “@Steve Burke wen fan reviews”

07:21 – Bluen Ginez: “is it safe to overclock 2400mhz RAM to 3000+ speeds by bumping up voltage and kinda loosening the timings? If it is fine to do that, does the memory vendor matter? If not, would you just recommend more expensive kits, enable XMP, then bump it up a little more?”

12:47 – Shady Brady: “Actually , I’m glad you asked. I was quite annoyed when you , and others published the videos about x299, and how the motherboard vrm’s were overheating etc. It was some of the worst press I’ve ever seen out of all the x299 coverage. Specifically because everybody forgot to mention, the vrm’s were overheating using a single software stress test. Under no other circumstances was anybody else able to heat up the vrm’s like aida64 was. Not even 5.0ghz overclocks playing games and rendering videos at the same time. Derbourer (or whatever his name is) is one of those guys who makes extraordinary claims , just to show you how nerdy he is. I take everything that dude says with a grain of salt. And btw, I’m not saying you shouldn’t run those types of tests. Just be more clear about the test environments. If Aida64 (an unreasonable load on purpose) was the only environment this occurred, that’s actually important. Yet, nobody ever said that. Or if you did, I surely didn’t see it. I know this confused a lot of people, because other tech channels were confused and didn’t know what anybody was talking about. So yeah, don’t do that.”

20:37 – Chis Do: “How would you choose a video card for watercooling? Would you go for the cheapest variant, the “founders” edition, or a card that has a higher clock speed already like a board partner card?”

25:32 – Soup Can Man: “#AskGN Now that Ryzen’s main architect has left for Intel, how long do you think AMD will be able to stay competitive with Intel?”

27:33 – metalshark: “How do you test the maximum safe amperage of a custom made power supply cable? Preferably without expensive equipment such as a desk bench PSU, configurable load, thermal imaging camera, etc”

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Host: Steve Burke
Video: Keegan Gallick

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