ADATA Jellyfish Memory – Phase-Change Liquid for RAM


We talk about ADATA’s phase-change memory at PAX East 2018, previously known as “Jellyfish” RAM. The Spectrix D80 RAM is getting close to release date.
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The ADATA Spectrix D80 (“Jellyfish”) memory will be launching within the next month or two, probably, and the Spectrix D41 memory will launch around the same time. These are timed roughly or slightly after Ryzen 2 and the 2700X or similar processors, which release in a few weeks. The Jellyfish RAM uses a 3M Novec fluid for its cooling, which boils at 50C and undergoes a phase-change, condensing eventually and recirculating. Most of the effort and delays have gone into working on leak prevention and improving cooling performance. We’ll review the ADATA Spectrix D80 Jellyfish RAM around launch, primarily looking at temperature differences and whether water cooling RAM is worth it.

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Host: Steve Burke
Video: Andrew Coleman
Editing: Keegan Gallick

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