8 DIY Magic Bottle Pendants Ideas

How to make magic bottle pendants. In today’s DIY tutorial we’ll craft 8 amazing low-cost accessories. These bright handmade jewelry ideas will help to imagine you are in a fairy tale having the adventures!

Supplies and tools:

• 8 glass bottles with corks
• Light golden oil
• Food coloring of several hues
• Dropper
• Glitter of different colors
• Clear school glue
• Sodium tetraborate
• Cotton wool
• Glycerol
• Acrylic outliner paint of different colors
• Seed beads of different colors
• Fast dry glue
• Beads
• Metal charms, jewelry supplies, a ring, chain
• Kraft paper
• Thin copper wire
• White pen, blue felt tip
• Dark blue, light blue and light crimson nail polish
• Cutting and round nose pliers

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