6-Minute Workout for Bigger Shoulders


How to get wide shoulders? You’ve worked hard to get the ripped 6-pack of your dreams, and your chest looks like it was sculpted from marble. But you’ll never get that attractive V body shape without buff wide shoulders. How about finishing what you started?

Shoulders are the last place to get big, according to fitness trainers. But with time, dedication, and the right attitude it’s possible to build broader shoulders. The key principle is to engage ALL the shoulder muscles and not forget about the proper exercise technique. Here are some exercises to bulk up your top half!

The Pull Apart 0:29
The Reverse Fly 0:43
The Y-Press 1:03
Standing Barbell Press 1:32
Dumbbell Overhead Press 1:49
See-Saw Press 2:11
Lateral Raises 2:28
Bent-Over Reverse Fly 2:51
Kettlebell Halo 3:11
Single Dumbbell Front Raise 3:34
Figure 8 3:55
Arnold Press 4:14
High Pull 4:33
Floor Press 4:52
Cable Face Pull 5:13
Cable Y-Press 5:40

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