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Title : Life hack | 3 life hack to make a your life simple

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in this vide i have show the simple life hacks you can use in daily life, this hack is specially can buse in school / college .

for this project you need

1st project : – tick – tack box, small sharpener, glue, pencil.

How to make : take a tick – box & small sharpener which can fit in the box, remove the cap of the box and stick the sharpener on the cap let it dry and place the cap on it place again.

2nd : project :-
this a hack which can be use in our daily life ,
this hack is for the headphone wires which​ bend and after some days it become week and brake so this hack can be used on the headphone so it can stay longer and you can enjoy your music or movie.

you need :- refill of pen and headphone and sharpener ( if you have spring​ of pen it will work great even better then this hack) .

how to make :-
remove the refill of a pen and cut in a 5cm part, take a sharpener and sharp the refil as you will sharp the refill it will cut in spiral like spring when it is done remove and revolve to the headphone jack and wire .
this will protect your headphone from being damage and it will stay long.

project 3 :-
this life is use for craft process by this way you can use pencil and blade at once you place tis pencil at the protector and cut the paper totally circle.

you need :- pencil​ with eraser mounted on it, sharpener & strong glue.

how to make :- take the pencil and cut the rubber pat in to pieces vertically,
take the sharpener and remove the blade from the sharpener and place in between the eraser of the pencil and stick it with strong glue.

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